Decisions made today impact the next two generations. My proposed priorities start with the future of our children. A current California State Official said that Government does not innovate, I challenge that notion, we are Angelenos - world renown innovators. California policies, specifically Los Angeles policies are winning model policies emulated across the nation. The priorities I propose for City Council District 8 and Los Angeles at large are aimed at improving the quality of life for all of us starting with our children and our community. 


  • Utilize HHH funding for family oriented housing and senior housing.
  • Build Homeless housing with mental health/ substance abuse wrap around services with emphasis on Black Men.
  • Ensure resources for LGBTQ youth and youth victims of human trafficking for stable housing including transition of foster youth through emancipation.
  • Expedite process for building affordable housing units.


  • Generate City revenue from vacant luxury residential rentals and commercial vacancies, particularly commercial vacancies within Opportunity Zones to foster true market rental rates and stimulate access for small businesses.
  • Build shared work space initiatives with developers in South Los Angeles to spark entrepreneurial development and create new jobs for existing residents.
  • Bring Workforce Development Centers from across the City into CD8 to boost job access via workshops. Boost City Local Hire program, including Work Readiness Certificate Interviews.
  • Push for 14 Day Advanced Work Schedule notifications for large retailers and food service franchises so that workers have more stability.


  • Create safe green parks utilizing existing LAUSD sites during after school hours.
  • Create safe walk school zones within existing public safety budget to ensure children are supervised walking to and from school.
  • Increase earthquake disaster preparedness in partnership with CERT and increase South LA participation in Los Angeles County Shake Out training.
  • Ensure compliance of protections of undocumented immigrants that exist under current law.


  • Create Firefighter Training & Certificate Program similar to state program to create pathway from Prison to LAFD.
  • Utilize General Fund/ Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act Fund for youth union training and collective bargaining training.
  • Create educational grants from Cannabis Fees for training in related support industries (Security/ Accounting/ Insurance/ Medical Lab/ Tech).
  • Create LAPD 3rd Party Underwriting Process to rate LAPD Officer Liability Risk - one of the highest areas of City Liability.


  • Ensure facility has catering and electrical abilities for events.
  • Allow space to be under Parks & Recreation for Community Use - weddings/ baby showers/ etc.


  • County - Bring Homeless Services into Eviction Court
  • County - Bring maternal care and mortality of African American Mothers and Indigenous American Mothers to the forefront of medical professionals including patient rights.
  • LAUSD - Advocate for bilingual education K-12 to support equal job access.
  • LAUSD - Advocate for High School Senior Dual Credit Courses to reduce college debt burden. 
  • CA State - Supplement state paid parental leave support healthy families after arrival of newborn.



ACT! accountability, consistency, teamwork!



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